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Our first shipment was sent Thursday (Nov 5th, 1998) morning to Miami. There will be more shipments to come. Our first one had over 200 boxes of medical suplies, clothing, and food.
Look at the bottom of this page for the second shipment, it will be about 1600 cubic feet of cargo!!

In front of church collecting donations.

Our Webmasters and communication specialists hard at work.

Medicines and packing away all the clothing that we gathered.

Taking the medical supplies out of the truck, to get them ready to be placed in boxes.

Starting to pack all the supplies into boxes, and getting clothing from warehouses.

Getting the group together and organizing for a picture, Hard at work classifying
clothing for faster distribution in Honduras. (Socks everywhere.)

Starting to pack the first load, this is Elizabeth showing off the truck.

All these boxes you see here are for the second shipment. the first already was packed in the truck.

This is our second cargo in a wearhouse. A small house worth of supplies for Honduras!


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