Political Events, 1812
Spanish colonial troops quickly suppress revolutions in the captaincy general of Guatemala which includes territory that will become Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Chiapas.

Political Events, 1821
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras declare independence from Spain September 14. A junta convened at Guatemala City makes the declaration.

Political Events, 1897
Honduras in Central America has a revolution with help from U.S. soldier of fortune Lee Christmas, who has been working as a locomotive engineer in the country. His journalist friend Richard Harding Davis, 33, celebrates him in the novel Soldiers of Fortune.

Political Events, 1912
U.S. Marines land in Honduras in February, in Cuba 4 months later, and in Nicaragua in August to protect American interests. They will not be withdrawn from Nicaragua until 1933.

Envoys from United States:William T. Pryce, Amb.
Envoys to United States:Lopez Villamil, Chargé

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