Do you like Honduran Coffee?

We have started our large distribution center in
Gainesville, Florida for premium Honduran Coffee. Contact us to order in large or small quantities.
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We have 2 locations:

Individuals with the experience and knowledge required to harness your internet needs. We dedicate ourselves to designing and maintaining our clients' presence on the Internet. Come grow with us and let us facilitate your cyberneeds, while giving you the service you deserve.

Please contact us for details on what we have to offer or to let us know how we are doing.

1994, marks the date when the idea for developing a website representative of Honduras sparked in the mind of one of the company's founders. (Back when notepad was the industry standard for coding HTML pages.) Ironically, the two individuals who would later begin Honduras.Net met each other via the www. It was the "Information Superhighway", the media buzz word at the time, which brought the University students to meet at the student union, not their academic or Honduran backgrounds. Roberto's technical saavy and Marco's people skills have assisted the company in developing into a top competitor. Honduras.Net provides website development and maintenance as well as reliable web hosting. Honduras.Net's growth continues upward as the internet continues to reach people around the world.

  • To provide our clients with great looking sites and facilitate their presence on the internet. To design, develop, and maintain their sites, assuring reliable and fast accessability to potential web-surfers, existing customers, and catrachos world-wide.

  • To develop a comprehensive Honduran website. One that provides access to information about the country and its people to the rest of world.

  • To make Honduran products and services available to the global community via the www by means of secure transactions with reliable and quick delivery.

  • To develop a virtual window of Honduras for visitors, potential investors, and Hondurans abroad - keeping you in touch with Honduras.

Today, WWW.HONDURAS.NET is comprised of young people with new ideas for a new technology, the Internet. A group of people who are solely dedicated to professionally designing, creating and maintaining your presence on the Internet. We have recently included a new service that allows you to sell products through the Internet, Internet commerce.

Clients include:
  • University of Florida
  • University of Illinois
  • Texas A & M University
  • General Motors
  • Lloyd's Bank Plc of London
  • DOLE
  • DHL Worldwide Express
  • Hertz Rental Cars
  • Avis Rental Cars
  • La Quinta Hotels
  • Universidad Jose Cecilio del Valle
  • La Hacienda Restaurant
  • Honducor (National Honduran Post office)
  • Cafe El Indio (Largest producer of coffee in Honduras)
  • Riella Cigars (Hand Made Cigars from Honduras)
  • And many other well respected companies.

We are dedicated people with much experience. We will try our hardest to satisfy your needs on the Internet, and will go out of our way to satisfy you with our services.

So, if your company needs to grow and explore a global potential market, then contact us and let us help you conquer the world.